Adorable Little Boy Argues With Siri About What A Firetruck Should Look Like!

Kids and technology. Sometimes it feels like our kids today were born with smart phones already in hand. There are apps out there for kids as young as six-months-old so it feels like the future is completely digital and that our kids won’t have to adapt because it’s the only world they’ll ever know. Still, sometimes things aren’t as easy as they seem. Like when we teach our kids one thing and technology disagrees completely. This little boy’s father is a fire fighter and he’s completely obsessed with firetrucks. That’s all great and well, but because of this obsession he knows that firetrucks are red. And they have a ladder. And they’re big. Unfortunately, when he asks Siri to show him a picture of a firetruck, she doesn’t have the same understanding. Take a look!

How adorable is he!? I think Siri’s showing him firetrucks, but I’m guessing they’re yellow or white or blue but definitely they look nothing like the trucks his dad rides in. I’m not sure these two will ever agree on what a firetruck looks like, but it sure is cute watching them try to hash it out!

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