Dad Is Hilariously Excited To Find Out He’s Had A Son After Five Girls!

We always say we’ll be happy with whatever we have, as long as they’re healthy, but that’s not always the entire truth. Even if we don’t want to admit it, sometimes we root for either a boy or a girl. We don’t always tell people that, but yeah, when I was pregnant with my first I definitely wanted a girl. And she was. And she’s perfect. And would I have loved a boy? Absolutely! But seeing her in those cute little onesies and the headbands with the flowers that were as big as her body was everything I’d wanted and made me deliriously happy. We got our boy the second time around and called it after that, but I can definitely feel for the dad in this video. After having five girls he has a completely over the top reaction to finding out his new addition is a boy. Take a look!

Would he have been happy with a girl? Sure, sure, absolutely! Is he excited to have one person in the house who might prefer fishing to fake fur? Absolutely. Congrats, dad!

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