Woman Tries To Work From Home, But Puppy Will Not Leave Her Alone

As a work-at-home-mom I can tell you first hand that I get most of my work done in the one hour before my kids wake up, and the one hour after they go to bed. It’s like anytime other than that there’s a free-for-all NEED for my attention. Not just the kids, either. The hubster, the animals, the neighbors…basically if I sit down to work, that’s a signal to the entire universe that I’m now available to meet their every need. Especially guilty of this is my puppy. Okay, so may he isn’t ‘truly’ a puppy anymore, but he definitely acts like it. At three, this little guy has no idea that I’m not available to him 24/7. And if I’m sitting at the laptop? Yeah, basically this. Exactly this. Take a look!

Don’t get me wrong, I love to be needed. I love that my family and animals and basically the universe all know I will drop anything to be there for them, but c’mon! Sometimes a mama needs a moment of peace! And from the looks of this video, this woman knows exactly how we ALL feel.

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