Clumsy Kid Breaks Dad’s iPod, Tries To Get Away With It!

I don’t think he was supposed to be playing with the iPod. At least, from the way he reacted I don’t. Kids are sneaky little buggers. All kids. Sure, they’re sweet on the outside, but when they get into trouble, that’s when their naughtier side kicks in and they become better conmen then anyone in prison. Seriously, next time you hear a crash in another room see if your kids tell you the truth about what happened. Chances are you’re going to get some sort of elaborate story involving another sibling, a dog, or even an imaginary friend…but certainly not the truth. And that’s fine. Most kids grow out of this, but some, well, take this kid for instance. He drops his dad’s iPod and tries to get away with it but there’s only one problem…take a look!

Yeah, kiddo…next time you try to get out of trouble maybe make sure the record button isn’t on. I’m guessing dad figured out exactly what happened pretty quickly. Still, it was fun to watch…even if you are grounded for life.

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