Baby Stares At Woman, Then Smirks

From the moment they are born, babies have their own very unique personalities that shine right on through. While my son was super mellow, my daughter was a spitfire from the word GO. I love that they were each so unique, but there were definitely times where I had to remind other people that my kids were unique. For instance, for some reason my super mellow son loved everyone in the world except for one auntie who wanted nothing more than to spoil him rotten. They are the best of friends now, but for a while there you could almost hear her heart break every time he burst into tears upon her entering a room. The baby in this video isn’t that bad, but from the way he looks at this woman, then the look he gives the camera, you can almost see that he knows exactly what he’s doing. Take a look!

What a funny baby! I’m not sure if this is something he always does, or something he only did to her, but that smirk is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Definitely a character. And definitely a truly unforgettable personality!

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