Pregnancy is a stressful time in the best of conditions, but when things threaten to go wrong it can become quickly overwhelming. That’s what happened to this family when their furnace broke down in the middle of winter. With a large snow storm looming, the father of a toddler and expecting another child on the way any minute called a repairman in a panic, terrified he wouldn’t be able to keep his family warm against the storm. The owner of Magnuson Sheet Metal sent someone out to repair the furnace immediately and the quick service brought the father back down from panic. Only, the owner wasn’t done with his generosity. Take a look! Says the man, “I didn’t do this for publicity, I did it because it was the right thing to do.” When the bill came to the family’s home, there was no charge – a congratulations on the new baby gift from the owner of the shop to the newly expanded family. His only request? That they someday pay it forward. What an incredibly thoughtful gesture from a truly gracious man.

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