Little Girl Too Far Away To Be ‘Helped’, Does Cutest Thing

Little kids with big personalities are the best thing ever…most of the time. According to my parents I was such a dramatic little girl that they were certain I’d become an actress when I grew up. I didn’t. Still, everything I did had a flare of the dramatic. If I fell down, it was the biggest fall ever. If I got mad, I was the maddest ever. Basically I think this is there way of saying I was a nightmare without actually saying I was a nightmare. The little girl in this video? Definitely not a nightmare, but just as dramatic. She’s on the floor, maybe because she fell maybe because that’s just where she is, and she wants, no, needs help getting up. Only, her mom is too far away to reach her. So she figures out a way to get the help she needs. Take a look!

How adorable is she? I’m guessing she’s probably just as dramatic as I was but it looks like her mama has a pretty good sense of humor when it comes to her antics. Keep on laughing, mama…if she’s anything like how I was you’re going to need these memories to get you through the years to come!

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