Young Cancer Patient Can’t Stop Dancing When Doctor Plays Ukulele

This was in the pediatric oncology ward of the Hospital das Clínicas of Ribeirao Preto, which shows Dr. Paulo Martins playing a song on his ukulele. Sophia has a rare disease called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. Dr. Martins brought his ukulele that day to cheer up the older patients. As soon as Sophia heard him play, she started looking for him and so Dr. Martins played a song just for her. The best part is the joy on Sophia’s face as he plays. At first she seems to just take the music in, not certain what she wants to do or how she wants to respond, but quickly her feet start moving and she just has to dance. Take a look!

Even with IV’s hanging from her body, and pain from treatments, this little girl found joy in the music she heard. What an incredible inspiration and what an amazing reminder to all of us. The human spirit is strong, and if we listen hard enough, we can let the music take us away. Thank you, Sophia, and best of luck with your treatments!

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