Beiber Baby Stops Crying Anytime She Hears ‘Love Yourself’ Play!

Some babies are opinionated right out of the womb. My mom will swear to this day that I’d scream my bloody little baby head off anytime she wore the color yellow. I have no idea what that was all about, but as a grown woman I can tell you honestly – my mother should never wear the color yellow. Still, that’s not really all that bad. Other than a few wardrobe changes, I was a fairly happy baby. This baby seems like she’s pretty easy going, too, at least when her favorite singer is playing. At six-months-old, Layla has already made her musical choices pretty clear. Take a look!

Mom Brittnay started playing the song one time to soothe herself after one of baby Layla’s crying spells, but after realizing how it affected the kiddo, she keeps it close at hand now. Not saying babies should never cry, but having an ace in your pocket, or, in this case a song on tap, is a smart move for any parent. Now let’s just hope she finds a new song to love before mama is the one crying!

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