Tearful Moment When 66-Year-Old Dad Sees Color For The First Time Ever

I don’t know how old my nephew was when we realized he was color blind, but it was a blow. Sure, there are much worse things that could have gone on with him, but looking around  I have trouble imagining not seeing the vibrant colors and all the rich shades that make up the world around us. And then here was this little boy who would never know them. Never know the difference between an orange pumpkin and a green pumpkin. Or be able to see the flowers he gave his mom for mother’s day. I suppose for him this is his normal, so he doesn’t know what he’s missing, but watching the reaction on this man’s face as he finally sees the world is breathtaking. Take a look!

I didn’t know these glasses existed and now I can’t wait to get some for my nephew. It isn’t that he isn’t perfect exactly as he is, but knowing something like this exists, how could I not want him to have it? He can choose whether to use them or not, but again, from this man’s reaction it seems to me this is one gift that won’t be taken for granted.

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