Only In Florida: This Horse Attacks An Alligator!

We all know just how protective mama bears are of their cubs, but apparently stallions are just as protective of their foals. At least this one was. When Krystal Berry and her friends went to Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park  to celebrate graduation, they planned for a day of nature and hiking, and instead saw something so unexpected that it’s setting the internet on fire. The friends were watching a group of horses, including some newly born fouls graze, when they saw an alligator approaching. According to Berry, the group’s stallion saw the alligator at about the same time as the sight seeing group and what happened next would never have been believed if they hadn’t caught it on video! Take a look!

Berry says she was still shaking later that day, long after the incident occurred, but that it appears both animals went on their respective ways unharmed. As for the stallion, well, let’s just say if you spot him in a dark alley you might want to cross to the other side…especially if his babies are close by!

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