My daughter was two when she started to read. It wasn’t really reading… She would sit with a book in her lap and turn the pages telling a story as she went. Sometimes the story was similar to one I would read to her, most of the time it was completely made up and hilarious. I loved it because she had such a big imagination that she could make up stories based on pictures in the books. She had the kind of creativity that let her come up with something completely out of the blue and she loved telling me those stories. I imagine that’s what happened here. When this toddler laid down next to his two dogs and began ‘reading’ them a story, the sweetest thing ever happened. Take a look!

My favorite part of this video is how surprised that little boy is that the dogs fell asleep. I’m not sure that was his intent, but it is absolutely darling and I’m certain it made him feel like the best story teller ever.

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