Oh, dads. We love ’em. They’re our backbone and the ones we go to when we need to feel secure…but they’re also so serious. Well, at least my dad was. He was an amazing dad…worked so hard to make sure we were all so well cared for and happy and that meant he became a pretty serious guy. I wish I’d known about this riddle/trick/whatever you want to call it YEARS ago because I would have LOVED to see how my own dad reacted to it. This man’s daughter spells out the word “Y-E-S” and asks him to say it, it’s ‘YES’ of course. Then, she spells out “E-Y-E-S” and asks him to say it. Take a look!

I love his reaction when he finally figures it out! That laugh is absolutely priceless and worth all the time it took to get him there. That laugh made me laugh and seriously, I can’t wait to try this on someone. If you actually do, please tell us how it goes in the comments!

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