When I was a kid, I was completely obsessed with those ‘magic eye’ images. You know the ones, you have to cross your eyes a little, stand on one foot, summon the spirit of a voodoo priestess and MAYBE you’ll see the image? And if you don’t, you lie to your friends and tell them you totally did? Yeah, I loved those things. But I guess until now I never realized animals might dig optical illusions, too. To be honest, I never realized they could See them. But from watching this cat, it’s pretty clear that no only do they see them just as well as we do, they get just as freaked out as we do. Take a look! I swear he’s trying to eat it. I’m sure he’s seeing swirling patterns and dots moving all around the page and he’s Determined to get them all. Super funny. And honestly? If I’d have known about this sooner, I would have saved So Much money on laser pointers over the years.

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