When Dad Has the “Man Flu”…Because That’s Definitely A Thing

What happens when men get sick? Nothing. Literally nothing. From the moment that first hint of a fever hits until three days after the symptoms have subsided they do nothing except lie around and let everyone know exactly how sick they are. And in my opinion? They really are. See, men aren’t as tough as women…they don’t have to be. Sure, they might be physically stronger, but when it comes to being sick, they aren’t as tough. See, women know things still have to be done when we’re sick. Children are taken care of, houses cleaned, meals prepared. We go to work, we make sure everyone else is still okay. Men? Men have it easy. I think that’s why they really do get more sick than women…all that laying around. Take a look!

Now, this isn’t me bashing all men or anything. Sure, some guys tough it out…they go to work, work at home, take care of kids and all that but those men are supermen. At least compared to other men. In fact, I’d say they’re almost womanlike in their ability to handle it all. So kudos to you supermen out there. As for the rest of you…don’t worry, we’ll get you another pillow and some Tylenol for that ‘almost’ fever of yours.

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