Finding some way to surprise our families with news of a new baby is part of the fun of getting pregnant. Okay, well, there are other fun things about getting pregnant, but with so many families planning their children and trying for years when the big event finally does happen getting to tell those who care about us is huge. So for this man and wife, they planned a special get together. All of their family in one room, posing for a picture. Their plan was to tell them it was a picture, but take a video and secretly tell them WHILE they were posing. Only, it takes some time for the family to catch on. When they finally do catch on, though, everyone explodes with excitement. Then…one of the other sisters has some news… Take a look!

Please never tell me the odds of that happening! I mean, what is the likelihood of two sisters finding out they’re pregnant at the same time, and planning to surprise the family with the news At The Same Time!?! It’s super cute and we’re super happy for all of them. Congratulations, guys!

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