A few years ago a video came out about what happens when a mirror is left in the forest. It was incredible. Every animal who saw it not only came to investigate, but had their own version of trying to figure out what the mirror was and what it all meant. My favorite were the gorillas. It was like once one saw the mirror, the entire family had to come see it. Kind of like when there’s a new playground going up and the whole family has to take a look. Well, now someone has hung a tetherball in the forest, and it is no less entertaining. Take a look! Of course the ram can’t leave it alone. It’s a tetherball. And ram’s ram things. Which is hilarious to watch. No, he has no idea what it is or why it’s there, but it’s perfect for him…something he can ram over and over again. Also, am I the only one who can’t wait to see what happens in the forest next? Who knows, maybe someone will leave a car and we’ll watch animals taking it for a spin!

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