These Special Needs Children Got To Dance With The New York City Ballet

For many children with physical disabilities, there are some dreams that will never come true. Their own bodies limit them from even attempting some, and if they have any sort of mental impairment as well those limitations stop them from dreaming altogether. It’s a hard thing for a parent to watch. When our kids are born, we want them to experience the world, and knowing that your kid just won’t be able to can be a heartbreaking thing for a parent. That doesn’t mean they won’t have an amazing life, a fulfilling life…it just means that some things are out of reach. But sometimes…sometimes miracles happen and things that seemed impossible become dreams come true. Take a look!

Watching these children experiencing the joy of ballet through their own bodies is incredible. For their parents, I’m certain it is a wish they didn’t even dare to wish for. But there are angels in this world, and miracles do happen – all you have to do is dream.

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