This past week we’ve had some massive storms in my home area of North Texas. It isn’t a surprise, we go through this every spring. What’s been surprising is the severity of these storms this early in the season: tornadoes, huge hail, high winds, power outages. It’s been a heck of a spring already and it’s only just begun. This kind of weather is normal for us, but never fun. Sure, we like sitting on our porches watching the waves of clouds roll in, but sometimes the effects of the storms truly blow us away. This little girl learns that first hand. As bad weather rolls into her area, she skips happily up her front walk and takes ahold of the screen door, ready to go inside. Only, a huge gust of wind comes along and takes her for a ride instead! Take a look! The good news is, the little girl seems to smile and feels happy through the entire blown away experience, so it doesn’t seem like she’s much worse for the wear. Plus, she’ll forever have a video to show friends and family…who, I’m sure, will be calling her ‘Dorothy’ and asking her about Oz for years to come.

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