Rescued King Cobra Drinks Water From A Bottle

Until I saw this video I never knew how big king cobras really were. Like, I knew they had big fan-like heads that they stretched when they were angry, but it never occurred to me that they’d have bodies to match. I don’t know why it didn’t, but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that my entire knowledge of king cobras came from watching them come out of cartoon baskets as a little girl. Watching this I suddenly realize just how HUGE they are. Not only huge, but truly intimidating. So when this one wandered into a village during a drought, it would have been understandable to hide inside and wait for him to go. Instead, these people banned together and did the most amazing thing – they took care of it. Take a look!

My favorite part is that he’s drinking straight from a water bottle. I mean, who knows how else they would have given him water, I wouldn’t have the first clue, but there’s something very sweet about watching this giant snake drinking thirstly from a bottle. And I can’t admire the people who rescued him enough. They are truly brave and kind.

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