That Look You Get When You Were Gone Too Long, And Your Dog Is Mad

Any dog owner knows what a trauma it is leaving our dogs at home. No? Just me? Okay, so it’s actually a bit traumatic leaving my dogs at home. I have to kiss their noses, rub their little ears. Sometimes I sneak out the back door so they don’t even realize I’m gone. Okay, I might go too far, but still..those faces. Dogs make you feel guilty faster than any other creatures on the planet. My cats are fine if I leave. My kids are happy…but the dogs? It’s genuinely traumatic. So I feel for this pet owner who came home to find their dog giving them a look. Take a look!

Trying to sneak out of the house so they don’t notice is nothing to coming home after they did notice. Most of the time mine are fine. They’re happy, bring me toys, everything is dandy. But sometimes. Sometimes they lay there and look at me like I betrayed them deeper than they can explain. That’s when they get ALL the bones. Come to think of it, my dogs my have trained me…

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