When I was a little girl, my brother convinced me I was a robot. The television show ‘Small Wonder’ was out at the time (yeah, I’m old), and he told me I was just like that little girl. I believed him, too. And it was cool. I loved being a robot and no one knowing I was. At some point my parents found out and told me the truth, but for a little while I was a robot. This little girl doesn’t think she’s a robot, but she totally believes she has met one. Rayna not only greets the robot, but absolutely falls in love with it. Take a look!

I kinda hope no one ever tells her the truth. Like, I’d love for her to go off to college thinking she met a robot when she was two or three years old. I want her commencement speech to start with something like, “It all started way back when I met a robot for the first time and gave it a hug. I loved that robot…”

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