Baby Squirrel Loves To Be Petted, Thinks He’s A Cat

Every spring as the animals start to come out of hibernation, I watch baby animals spring up in the areas all around my yard. Tons of birds next, mama possums with her brood, and of course lots of baby squirrels. And all these little creatures are incredible to watch, but also important to watch out for. Sometimes one of them will fall out of a next, or a baby will wander from mama, and it’s easy for them to get lost or hurt if we don’t watch out. There have been a few times now I’ve been tempted to keep one of the little squirrels I found nestled in the grass, but this person actually did. Take a look!

What’s fun to see is that while this squirrel is basically a pet now, I don’t think he knows he’s a squirrel. He’s hanging up on top of a cat tree, but also, he loves to be petted. Like, really loves it. So yes, it would have been great for him to grow up in the wild and be around all his fellow squirrels racing through the trees…but looks like being a pet squirrel isn’t so shabby, either.

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