Little Girl Clutches Kitten To Chest, “Is That Your Baby?”

Finding an abandoned kitten is like finding a gift from the heavens. I don’t think there are many people who can just walk by when they see a poor, defenseless little kitten wandering on its own. I sure couldn’t. A year ago I found three on the side of the road, their mama having been hit by a car, these three would have died…so I brought them home. I had every intention of taking them to the animal shelter, but, of course, that never happened. When this family finds a stray kitten, it’s pretty clear straight from the beginning that it is meant for their family. For one, their daughter Olivia can’t keep her hands off it. For another, it seems completely happy to be in Olivia’s arms. Take a look!

From the sounds of the adults in the background, they’re just as excited about Olivia holding the kitten, now named Lily, as Olivia is in holding it. “Is that your baby?” they ask. And from the look on her face, it totally is. Even after the kitten wanders off for a second, Olivia, like the good mama she is, wanders after it – intent on making sure her baby stays safe and close.

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