Cat Barks Like A Dog Until He’s Caught

I’ve often wondered if cats and dogs secretly get along. Like, I wonder if there’s some sort of conspiracy afoot where they speak each other’s languages, and are working together to enslave humans. Think about it! We feed them, massage them, play with them. Our animals get special bed, special toys, and most never work a day in their lives. It’s like at some point they had this secret conference where they got together and were like, “Look – if we play this right, we can live as kings.” And so they did. And most of the time we can’t tell they get along, because they chase one another. Plus, they speak different languages…or do they? Take a look!

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me the cat in this video is talking to one of its brethren dogs until the human wanders up. Once caught, kitty tries to cover it up by shifting from barks to meows. In the funniest way possible. But, maybe it isn’t as it appears. Who knows – all I know is I have several of these creatures and they truly have me trained to do all their bidding. Well played, animals. Well played.

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