Little Girl Throws Fit When Tricycle Won’t Stop Going Backwards

Little kids are dramatic. That’s one of the things I find most endearing about them. Truly, if I could get away with throwing a tantrum in the middle of Target, sometimes I’d go for it, too. Sure, at the moment it’s happening it feels like the worst thing a parent can endure, but as they get older, it’s also one of our favorite things to talk about. Mostly because their dramatics are always so funny. Like the time my daughter cried because her spaghetti was too ‘wiggly’. Or watching my son lose it because ‘the sun ate the moon’. Or this little girl. As she and her daddy play on her tricycle, she has a hilarious ‘operator error’, and he manages to catch the entire thing on film. Take a look!

It’s a pretty safe guess that this little girl is going to be hearing about the day her tricycle only went backwards for years to come. I know this because I’m still told stories about the time, when I was around two or three, when I tore off my diaper and ran away from my babysitter like I was some sort of toddler freedom fighter.

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