Ellen Falls In Love With Two-Year-Old Bottle Flipper

Bottle flipping is a craze that’s just fun and silly. Like, there’s nothing really dangerous about it, there’s nothing that’s bad or too aggravating, it’s just cool to be able to do. And watching someone as little as this two-year-old do it is even cooler. Sammy Rogers is an adorable two-year-old whose brothers decided to teach her how to flip bottles. When she finally does it she follows up with the cutest dab ever. Thing is, her grandparents just got on Facebook. So when her dad posted the video for them to see, he had no idea the entire world would soon see it, and so would Ellen. Take a look!

We all know how much Ellen loves kids, but there’s something just so endearing about this little curly haired red head that wins everyone over. Not only does she have spunk, but she’s fighting cystic fibrosis and Ellen is more than happy to donate money toward research to show the family her support. What an incredible gesture for a very incredible little girl.

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