Camera Falls Out Of An Airplane, Into A Pig Pen (Watch Until The Very End!)

It’s rare to be truly surprised by things these days. Sure, we have movies that make us jump, and of course those pregnancy announcements and engagements are fun, but true surprises are rare. By true surprises I mean things that are truly unexpected, or unexplainable. And yet, that’s exactly what happens in this video. A farmer was flying above his farm, taking shots of the land from an ariel vantage point when suddenly he dropped the camera, while it was still recording. What happens next is a whole lot of tumbling that makes you almost queasy to watch, but…just wait until the end. Take a look!

This camera could have fallen ANYWHERE. Anywhere and yet it landed smack dab in the middle of a pig pen. Not only did it survive the fall, but it landed lens up. Which means we got to see exactly what happened next. Here’s the kicker, though…the farmer had no idea it was there. He says months went by and he figured it was lost. He accidentally stumbled onto it in the pen one day and was surprised to see the footage for the first time ever. Like I said, true surprises are rare…but when they happen, they truly are worth it.

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