Girl With Down Syndrome Video Bombed Live News Report

TV news reporters have it rough. Not only do they have to go on the scene in some truly strange places to report truly strange stories, they have to deal with all the people who show up and want their second on camera. So there’s Rain Edaze out there in the middle of a hurricane, wind threatening to topple her into an ocean somewhere, and then some guy runs behind her sticking his tongue out at the camera or shouting to his ‘bros’. Still, some of those unexpected moments are truly the best moments on television. Like this one. While this reporter was reporting from inside a mall, this young woman wandered into the shot and realized it was her chance. Immediately she starts playing in front of the camera and manages to give us the cutest video bomb we’ve ever seen in our lives. Take a look!

I don’t know if her mom and dad always watch the news, but I’m guessing they weren’t expecting to see their daughter on. I’m so glad the reporter ran with it. From the little I hear of the story, she’s definitely more interesting than THAT!

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