Indian Barber Uses Flames To Cut Hair

Growing up I was always interested in the way things were done in different countries. I had pen pals from Japan, Russia, and Spain back in the days before the internet. Getting those letters in the mail was always an exciting day. The Japanese ones were the best. She used this tissue type paper and always drew pictures on it for me. So incredible. Thing is, even though we’d talk about our lives, I never really saw these kids as much different than me. Now with the internet it’s pretty easy to see differences in cultures that I could never have imagined back then. Not that this video is a cultural norm, but I’m trying to think if anyone in my hometown would go for a candle flame haircut and the answer is a resounding NO. Take a look!

So yeah, I get it…to each his own, but this one still confuses me. For one, how does it not stink? Like, we’ve all accidentally burned a single hair this is WAY worse. And the biggest: how does this place not burn to the ground? Plastic comb, flammable sprays, burning hair…would you ever give this a try?

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