Man Turns His House Into An Indoor Cat Playland

Anyone who has owned cats knows how much they love to climb, and jump, and run, and play. It’s part of their charm. But if they’re indoor cats it can be a bit messy, especially when they climb on places they don’t belong and knock things over. Like an antique cookie jar that has been passed down for generations and was sitting innocently on top of the refrigerator. But, I digress. This guy came up with the perfect solution! Instead of labeling places off limits to his feline companions, he turned his entire home into a kitty playland. And it is AMAZING! Take a look!

I think this would be a dream come true for any kitty, but especially for those inside kitties. Plus, with all those places to run and jump and play, all of their energetic, curiosity needs are being met and the might leave your cookie jar alone. Or not. Sometimes I think cats just like to knock things over because their cats. But, at least in this guys home he knows he did everything he could to make all their kitty dreams come true!

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