Brother Surprises Twin After Decade Apart, On Their Birthday

When we have twins, it’s easy to think they’ll spend their entire lives together. It just seems natural. As little kids every single moment, practically, is spent together. They’re ‘the twins’. It’s just the way things are. They go into school and everyone knows. They share every birthday, every big milestone, and life is lived as two. Which is a magical way to live. Instead of facing the world alone, twins have a built-in companion to fall back on and bounce things off of. But…as they grow older eventually life sometimes moves them in separate directions. That’s exactly what happened to these brothers. When they hit twenty, one went one way, the other went a different direction. And after a decade, for their thirtieth birthday, it was time to get together again. Take a look!

I can’t imagine the shock and love they felt at seeing each other again after so long apart. It’s incredible that they were apart this long to begin with, but seeing them together reminds me that even though distance might separate them, that twin bond truly is for life.

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