I have three dogs. Three really big dogs. And while there is a certain amount of eye contact that happens while I’m eating, they aren’t really big beggers. I’m super lucky for that. Truth be told, if these guys ever did beg for real, I’d starve to death. I’d seriously give them every single bite of food on my plate because they are that cute. My parent’s dog, though…that guy weighs all of 25 pounds and begs like a fiend. If you’re eating at their house you can practically feel him vibrating, waiting for you to drop something. Maybe it’s because he knows the grandkids most likely will drop something…maybe it’s because my parents are suckers and will always give him a bite. Who knows. Even he can’t compare to this dog, though. Take a look! I don’t know if he’s always gotten the crust, or if he just knows that pizza should be his, but this dog is seriously eyeballing that pizza with a hunger that is unbelievably cute. I’m not sure I could have held out. I’m pretty sure that level of begging would have made me give in, like, super fast.

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