My kids are NOT morning people. Neither am I. I think it might be a family trait. But unlike my kids, at least I can supplement the mornings with a nice, hot cup of coffee. Not being able to give coffee to kids is part of the reason it takes approximately twenty seven hours to get them out of bed and ready for school. It is not pretty. There are threats, there is pleading, sometimes it involves bribery, and often one or all of us end up in tears before the ordeal is over. My kids need this dog. While the kiddo in this video seems totally okay with getting up, this dog, well, not so much. Take a look! This kid is like the spirit animal of my children. No desire to get up, happy to snooze the day away, and willing to be just a little huffy if I get too close to the blanket. Totally their spirit animal. Then again, if they had this dog I’d have yet another creature to beg each morning so it’s probably best I stick with just the kids.

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