Anytime someone is away from home for a while, dogs notice. Heck, if you step outside to get the mail dogs always know. They treat every single time away as if you’ve been gone an eternity, but that’s part of what we love about them. That amazing greeting when we get back home is something wholly dog and wholly amazing. For some, that time away is a lot longer than others. Dogs don’t understand war or military service, but they understand when their human is gone. When that person is finally able to come home again, there is no one quite as happy as that pupper…unless you count the human. Take a look!

This soldier was gone for six months and there is no doubt in my mind that his dog missed him every single second. For him to be able to surprise his dog like that is incredible to see. Something I’m sure he thought about every day while he was away, and the happiness on that pup’s face is something he’ll definitely never forget.

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