Our first born children live in such bliss. As far as they know, they are the only children ever born and their lives are perfect because our lives revolve solely around them. But, then, for many families…along comes number two. At first the oldest has no idea their life is about to change. Everything seems normal except that mom is getting fat. And even that is fine. Pregnant mommies are comfortable. But we try to get our babies ready for the new babies and that’s when things get hinky. Especially for this little one. When her parents tried to get her ready for a younger sibling, mama decided to show her a video of where babies come from. Apparently it left an impression. Take a look!

After the video, little JoJo had strong opinions about other children and babies in general. When her dad found her in the bathroom, he had to record what was going on in that cutie pie mind of hers. Not only does she know where babies come from now, but she wants absolutely NO part of it. She saw the video…she knows what’s up.

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