Secret Adoption Leads To BIG Surprise Reaction!

Waiting for a family to start is one of the most painful things to go through. For some all it takes is a wine cooler and a backseat, but for a lot of us it takes a miracle and minor fortune to bring our baby dreams to life. When parents make the decision that having children is bigger to them than ‘having’ children, adoption becomes the best and most amazing lifeline. Even that takes a lot of time, patience, money, and energy and the wait can feel interminable. For this couple, rather than putting their family through the wait, they decided to surprise them once the baby arrived. Take a look!

I don’t think that baby could have a more excited grandma. From the look of joy on her face, that baby is going to spend life having every single wish she ever wishes come true and that’s really what matters, right? Not really where the baby comes from as much as who they come home to? Congratulations to the family and welcome home, baby girl!

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