This Gives A Whole New Meaning To ‘Chick Music’

I don’t know when chickens became the new staple pet, but I think almost every single home in my neighborhood has a couple in their backyard. Mine? Not so much. I grew up on a farm and our chickens were, well, not as much fun to be around. Maybe it was the fact they knew they’d eventually be dinner? Maybe it was the breed, who knows…all I know is I never had the same desire to be an ‘urban farmer’ as most of my neighbors. Then again, if the chickens on the farm had played music like the ones in this video do, I might have a different opinion of them! Take a look!

I’ve heard of ‘chick flicks’ before, but never of ‘chick music’. This is truly one for the books. I mean, what’s next? Goats on banjos? Horses on bass? America’s Got Talons? Whatever’s next, I can’t wait to see it because this really did bring a smile to my face today. Play on, chickens, play on.

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