Woman Finds Horrifying-Looking Creature In Garden!

Nature is insane. Don’t believe me, think about the platypus. How in the world did that happen? A semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal. Literally, the platypus defies everything we’re supposed to know and trust about what a mammal is, what a bird is, and what an aquatic animal is. It’s like there were leftover parts from each all thrown into a bowl, stirred around, and voila! Platypus. And this creature. I’m pretty sure the same exact thing happened to this little guy. When this woman was gardening, she screamed after coming across what appeared to be a snake, er, caterpillar, er, horrifying creature that only belongs in a horror film. Take a look!

Turns out this isn’t actually a monstrosity thought up by Hollywood, but rather (probably, we hope) a hawk moth caterpillar. What’s crazy is that not only does this guy look like a snake, when it senses a predator it rears up like one! Enough to fool a bird and definitely enough to fool most humans. At least me. All I’m saying is if I found this in my garden, I’m pretty sure I’d just move.

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