This Dog Sprouted Wings And Flew Around The Stadium!

Anyone who has worked with dogs knows they sometimes have a mind of their own. And who doesn’t love that about them? Tell a dog to sit and it stares at you like you’re crazy…one of the funniest parts of being a dog owner. But when you’re a trainer you’re expected to have a higher rate of success with those commands. Only, even then dogs have minds of their own. Especially depending on the breed. My family raised Newfoundlands and while they were good with a lot of the basic tasks, and certainly trainable for water rescue…there were times those guys would just lie down and drool on our feet for a while. This dog? Shiva? A completely opposite reaction. Take a look!

I think sometimes they just have a lot of excess energy stored up and it has to get out. Huskies, especially. But this dog definitely made everyone in that arena smile. So yes, great training is wonderful…but having a dog sprout wings and fly around the stadium? Priceless.

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