Baby Gorilla And 2-Year-Old Play Patty Cake At Fort Worth Zoo

The first time I took my son to the zoo, he fell in love with the gorillas. Something about the eyes and the way they communicate with one another made him so happy and he couldn’t stop clapping and kissing the glass the entire time we were there. That love was so deep that it was really difficult to get him away from the gorilla enclosure once the time came, and at one point I sent the other kiddo ahead and stayed there with just my son. He could have spent hours there, happily watching the gorillas play with each other and lounge in the son. So seeing this little girl play patty cake with a baby gorilla definitely has a soft spot in my heart. Take a look!

In fact, it was the same exact zoo. This baby gorilla is only a few months old, so it wasn’t there when my son first went, but we have gone back to see it since, and the gorillas are still our favorite place to sit and stay a spell.

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