Little Girl Kisses Dog Goodbye Before School

Having an animal our children love and who loves them back is an incredible gift as a parent. Not that it’s a gift we can give. Most of the time we have that puppy or cat (or who knows what else) before the kiddo is ever born and it’s a matter of getting the two to fall in love. Sometimes it’s love at first sight, though. I think that was the case with this little girl and her Newfoundland puppy. When she gets ready to leave for school, her mom tells her to tell the dog goodbye. Only, the little girl takes things a little further and kisses the pooch on the nose. She doesn’t expect what happens next, though, and that is pure magic. Take a look!

It’s one thing to kiss a dog goodbye, but another entirely to have him kiss you back. I’m not sure if she didn’t expect those kisses, or if she just loved them, but the look of joy on her face is hard to ignore. Definitely a lifelong friendship between those two!

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