Voice Activated Elevator Prank With Hysterical Results

With April Fool’s Day coming up, I’ve started to think about what kind of pranks I want to play on my kids this year. Last year I gave them brown ‘E’s’ in their school lunches, and the year before were iced sponges that looked like cake… so, gentle pranks. They’re not yet old enough to do anything more than that, and they still giggle every time mama pranks them. Still, I wish they were old enough to do something elaborate for. Like the year I put a few drops of blue food dye gel into my husband’s shower head and he had to go to work with a slightly blue tint. Yeah. I can’t wait to do things like that to the kids. Until then, I’ll have to watch prank videos and enjoy watching other people stuck in the midst of shenanigans. Take a look!

The best pranks are the ones that are mostly harmless and where everyone is laughing at the end. Those are my favorite. Who knows, maybe when the kids are older I’ll try something like this on them! Until then, this year I’m thinking about a bowl of frozen cereal for breakfast. Mmm…breakfast of champions.

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