Girl Freaks Out When Animals Try To Get Into Car At Animal Park

Growing up near Seattle, one of my favorite places to visit as a kid was Northwest Trek. It was this amazing open grounds animal park where people stayed inside vehicles and the animals roamed free. As kids we had the best time watching these animals be animals, and even more fun every time they’d come up to the vehicle to ‘inspect us’. Of course, we knew what we were getting into…the girl in this video seems to have no had any idea what was in store. When her family takes her to an animal park similar to the one I grew up near, she seems surprised when the animals start invading her car. Even more so when they start to drool and when this big buffalo sticks its head in? Yeah, all bets are off. Take a look!

Honestly, we knew what we were getting into. We spent some time living on a farm when I was a little girl, too, so big animals weren’t a shock. I imagine for some it would be. And especially having something this big practically crawl into your lap. How funny!

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