Dogs Super Excited When Little Boy Comes Home From School Each Day!

I love going to the store. When I go to the store, my youngest dog jumps up on the couch (fondly known in my house as the dog couch…in the front room, and no human would Ever sit on it), and patiently waits there until I shut the front door. Once I’m in the car, his nose presses against the front window and he watches me go. But the best part? The best part is when I come home. He jumps back up on that couch before I come in…just like he’s been there the whole time…and when he jumps down he has to bring me a toy. It’s the best greeting ever. Which is why I relate so much with this kiddo! When his dad goes to pick him up from school, he lets the dogs know he’s going. And when he gets home? Just take a look!

We all deserve to be greeted so enthusiastically after a long day away. What a lucky kid to have these two waiting for him the second he gets home!

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