Boxer Loves To Tickle Baby’s Tummy (And Baby Loves It, Too!)

When we have a baby, we want to make sure our pets get along with it, no matter what. Sometimes that means making the pet a part of the pregnancy, or letting our dogs sniff baby to make sure it knows baby is part of the family. Sometimes, though, pets surprise us with how attached they are to our little ones. When my daughter was a baby, our cat refused to stay out of her crib. Every single time I turned around, the cat was in there. Turns out, kitty really loved my daughter and the two are cuddle buddies even to this day. They bonded instantly. For this pup and this baby, it seems their bonding comes in the form of tummy tickles. Take a look!

Now, I’m not positive, but I’m fairly certain this dog thinks baby is a squeaky toy. But it’s adorable. Baby is having the time of his life, and the pup is having the time of his life, so it’s definitely a win/win. I can’t wait until baby’s older and gets to tickle that pupper back!

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