3 Handmade Books Your Babies Will Go Gaga For!

As parents, we love anything and everything that keeps our children engaged in and in love with reading and learning. Anything that keeps that spark alive is something we work tirelessly to find and when we do that light in our child’s eyes makes all the work worth wile. But what if it isn’t that much work? What if you can give your kids a lifelong love of books through crafting? These handmade books are not only adorable, but will help your kiddo’s think about books and reading on their own terms. Plus, since you’re crafting, they’ll have the fun of being physically engaged while they learn! Take a look!

The counting stickers book was pretty brilliant, but the sock puppet book was probably my favorite. More than anything this made me think about what other kinds of books I can make with my kiddo’s and I can’t wait to see what they come up with on their own!

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