Baby Born With Four Legs And Two Spines Went Under Dangerous Surgery And Defied The Odds

When our children are born, we pray for health and wellness, pray for that big cry, and get ready to count those ten little toes and ten little fingers. For a toddler from Ivory Coast, West Africa, that wasn’t the case. Born with four legs and two spines, this little girl had to traverse the world in order to have her parasitic twin removed from her back. At ten months old, Dominique was brought to the US to the care of advocate doctors to have her twin’s waste, legs, feet, and additional spine all removed…a procedure that was necessary to prevent additional health problems down the road. Over the course of a week in early March, the toddler spent time with an advocacy group, and successfully underwent the procedure that would change her life forever. Take a look!

Five days after arriving in the US, Dominique was able to return home to her family, and will continue rehabilitation and treatment there.

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