Little Girl Has Brilliant Reason For Why She Isn’t In Trouble

Toddlers are amazingly messy, infuriating, frustrating little creatures…and we wouldn’t have them any other way. Understanding toddler logic is a lot like trying to figure out what a goldfish is telling you from inside its bowl: it’s just not going to make sense. But sometimes…sometimes they say something so brilliant that every bit of frustration we have in trying to coax the truth out of them flies into the wall. Take this little one for instance. After getting into paint and covering herself (and the fireplace, and the carpet, and who knows what else) with it, she blames the baby. It’s the baby. The baby totally did this. And then she slips up, starts to admit that she did it, but it wasn’t her fault. Take a look!

The best part happens after mama tells her she’s going to be in trouble. Yes, this little one has done some bad, and she’s starting to admit it, but even then she has a perfectly reasonable reason for why she shouldn’t get in trouble. All I can say is stay strong, mama….this little cutie seems to know just what’s up.

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