Baby Theo Was Born With Rockstar Hair, And It’s Only Gotten More Epic!

My first nephew was born as a certified baldie. Not a single hair on that baby’s body…I don’t even remember if he had eyebrows or eyelashes. It took so long for his hair to come in that we were all fairly certain he’d start kindergarten looking like Caillou, but not as whiny. By the time my oldest niece made her grand debut, we’d grown accustom to a certain lack of hair, and she turned out to be the exact opposite: pretty much a baby gorilla with hair on her ears, her back, her everywhere. It was amazing. There are grown men who would have been envious of how furry this little baby was. Still, with all of that hair even she doesn’t compare to baby Theo. Theo was born with a full head of luxurious black hair, and while my niece’s hair fell out over time, Theo’s kept growing. Take a look!

Seriously, that is some mega hair. The good news is, when Theo gets a bit older he’s almost guaranteed a gig in any 80’s cover band of his choosing. Rock on, baby, rock on.

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